100 Ways to Celebrate Friendship

Friendship deserves to be cherished and enjoyed. That’s something we encourage you to do every day. But sometimes you reach an important milestone with a friend, and it becomes time for a special celebration. This is one of those moments for us, as this is the Language of Friendship’s 100th Post!

We started this blog in late February 2021 when the world was largely masked, shut down and unvaccinated. All that isolation was starting to get to us. We needed an outlet and a way to stay connected. Voila, the Language of Friendship was born.

For nearly two years now, we’ve been sharing friendship stories, research, book recommendations and other ideas—all in the hopes of helping you nurture the important friendships in your life. In honor of our 100th post, we’d like to share with you these 100 ideas for celebrating friendship. What would you add to the list? Please share in the comments below.

  1. Pop open a bottle of champagne
  2. Take a trip somewhere you’ve never been
  3. Deliver flowers
  4. Make a photo book
  5. Send a card
  6. Bake cookies
  7. Shout out on social media
  8. Text a photo from years earlier
  9. Share a meal at a fancy restaurant you’ve always wanted to try
  10. Elevate birthdays to priority status: Make a date and celebrate together if you’re nearby or send something if you’re far apart. Let your friend know how happy you are to mark the day they entered the world!
  11. Collaborate on a project
  12. Head downtown for a shop-local spree
  13. Plan an adventure
  14. Take a class
  15. Share a favorite song
  16. Write a poem
  17. Plan a movie night
  18. Participate in a pub crawl
  19. Make a picnic with your favorite foods
  20. Read a book together: Need an idea? Consider our recent favorite, Lessons in Chemistry
  21. Have an old-fashioned sleep-over
  22. Brainstorm and list your future adventures
  23. Exchange photos of your pets
  24. Learn something new, such as a musical instrument or foreign language
  25. Get matching t-shirts
  26. Share a recipe
  27. Visit Wine Country
  28. Make a tribute video
  29. Create a podcast
  30. Binge watch a show together: Watch in person together if you’re nearby, on Netflix’s Houseparty if you’re apart—or simply connect afterwards to debrief on plot twists!
  31. Spend the day at the beach
  32. Make a tasty gluten-free recipe for your gluten-free friend
  33. Embark on an epic road trip
  34. Loan your friend a favorite sweater or clothing item
  35. Visit a craft fair
  36. Spend time with your friend’s family
  37. Order take-out
  38. Experience an Escape Room
  39. Host a theme party
  40. Show up in person: The pandemic made being there (literally) with our friends impossible for a while. Even now, it can be hard to manage conflicts, but sometimes it’s worth it. If your friend is celebrating an important occasion, like a wedding, performance or other milestone event, just GO.
  41. Take in a ball game or sporting event
  42. Visit a ‘paint bar’ and create something
  43. Set a joint fitness goal
  44. Take a cooking class
  45. Share your daily Wordle score
  46. Have a professional photoshoot
  47. Create a new tradition
  48. Go see live music
  49. Do a puzzle
  50. Visit a favorite vacation destination: For us, it’s Cape Cod! What’s a special place you’d like to share with a friend?
  51. Play a board game
  52. Revisit the place where you first met
  53. Go on a hike
  54. Make a playlist
  55. Relax at a spa getaway weekend
  56. Reach out to an old friend
  57. Bake a birthday cake
  58. Buy or rent a vacation house together
  59. Order something custom- or hand-made
  60. Do something wild and unforgettable: Have you ever parachuted out of an airplane, bungee jumped off a bridge or coasted in a hot air balloon?
  61. Pick a weekday and visit a day spa with lunch
  62. Go to Disney World
  63. Start a text chain
  64. Share a favorite quote
  65. Plan a surprise
  66. Hire a chef
  67. Go on a rafting trip
  68. Visit a fortune teller
  69. See a Broadway show
  70. Donate jointly to a charity: Need some ideas? Here are some thoughts to get you started.
  71. Donate to your friend’s favorite charity
  72. Make a bonfire/sit by the fire/firepit
  73. Plant a tree
  74. Volunteer together for an organization that is important to you
  75. Go on a ski trip
  76. Enjoy afternoon tea at an upscale hotel
  77. Take a bike tour
  78. See Shakespeare in the Park
  79. Cook together
  80. Lock yourselves inside together all day: Pick any day, whether it’s rainy, snowy, or even just too hot!
  81. Take a comedy class
  82. Visit an amusement or water park
  83. Write a song
  84. Go kayaking
  85. Give each other wardrobe advice
  86. Share health tips
  87. Bake each other’s favorite dessert
  88. Make toys for the local animal shelter
  89. Camp out in the woods
  90. Watch a 3D movie: Hello Avatar 2 or Imax!
  91. Exchange photos of your pets
  92. Sign up for a fun run or other physical challenge
  93. Paint a masterpiece
  94. Tour a museum
  95. Invent a new game
  96. Try out a new style of yoga
  97. Dress up for a night out on the town, even if you decide to stay in
  98. Hit the outlet stores
  99. Treat your friends to their favorite hot beverage of choice
  100. Cheers: Toast your 100th blog post 🥂 

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