Late Summer Fun

I recently saw a quote comparing the start of August to the Sunday night of the summer season. Yes, we have only a few more weeks left to enjoy the favorite time of year for school kids everywhere. But instead of dwelling on the end of the season, let’s get outside and enjoy the best the summer still has to offer! Here are some activities to enjoy with a friend or two before the days start getting shorter and the nights colder:

  1. LIVE OUTDOOR MUSIC: Music always sounds better in person and nothing beats listening in a charming outdoor venue on a warm summer evening. Whether it’s a full-fledged festival at a fairground, a legendary rock band in a football stadium or small ensemble at a local park, sharing music under the open sky with friends and loved ones is always great for the soul. If you’re up for a late summer adventure, Milwaukee’s famous Summer Fest is happening in September this year!
  2. BEACH OR POOL DAY: I love walking outside year-round, but August has the absolute best weather in my area for water-related activities. Grab your sunscreen, towel, hat, snacks and anything else you need to make a lazy day by the water a huge success for you and your peeps.
  3. MEAL OR COCKTAILS ON A PATIO WITH A VIEW: Sipping and savoring at a scenic place with people you enjoy is truly a feast for the senses. Whether you’re at a rooftop bar in the city, a beachside grill or on a picnic blanket, you’re sure to delight in your surroundings and your menu. Looking for inspired cocktails? Check out these tasty recipes for summer from Oprah Daily.
  4. HIKE OR BIKE SOMEWHERE NEW: Exploring new territory by foot or bike can be a healthy way to socialize with friends year round, but most locations are in full bloom in summer. Why not try out at least one new destination before the summer ends? Pick a spot and let Google Maps direct you to the best routes for cycling or walking.
  5. OUTDOOR MARKET: Farmer’s markets and open-air craft fairs abound in the summer. Even if you don’t like to shop, there are always interesting products and vendors, and usually great food or ice cream to sample. Browsing with friends and comparing finds can make for a highly memorable summer outing. If you have late summer travel plans, maybe your destination city has a great market you can check out. Here are Fodor’s picks for 15 of America’s best farmers markets.

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