BFF to the Rescue

As Rachel prepared for her weekly radio show Harmonic Ginger, she knew she was in trouble. Her positive Covid test was not the problem, because she knew how to upload her playlist and pre-recorded vocals from isolation at home using her own computer and microphone. It was when her voice disappeared entirely that Rachel realized she wouldn’t be able to do the show.

Fortunately, Rachel knew exactly where to turn. She texted Molly, her dear friend and musical sidekick since middle school chorus, who came to the rescue by providing the vocal commentary for this week’s show.

Rachel and Molly are both college seniors studying music at two different universities many miles apart, but their tech-savvy and comfort with each other helped them assemble this week’s Harmonic Ginger broadcast without a hitch. Rachel says: “I am so glad I thought to text Molly. We had discussed her doing an episode a few weeks ago, but it hadn’t worked out. Molly is one of my closest friends; she inspires me and she appreciates music as much, if not more, than I do. I thought this would be the perfect opportunity for my listeners to meet her, and for her to experience planning a radio show. I am so grateful to her for helping me, and I’m already feeling better after listening to the cozy-themed playlist she chose!”

The Internet is full of examples of friends coming to the rescue, sometimes even saving lives. I found a story about a British gamer’s life being saved by an online partner thousands of miles away. One 12-year-old boy successfully performed the Heimlich maneuver on a friend who was choking in their school cafeteria. Another wrote a letter of gratitude to the friend who took action to thwart her suicide attempt.

The statistics are quite clear that loneliness and social isolation significantly increase a person’s risk of death from all causes and a multitude of other health problems. That’s why these stories of friends stepping in to help each other–in large and small ways–are so inspiring. Friendship is important for so many reasons, and our friends truly help make our lives worth living.

Knowing I had a friend I could count on made me feel so much better.

Rachel, aka Harmonic Ginger

The summer is a great time to reach out and reconnect with a friend you’ve relied on to rescue you at some point in your past. Friendship itself can be a true lifeline when you need one most.

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