Holiday Shopping Outside the (Virtual) Big Box

We all know how convenient Amazon is, with so much to offer under one virtual roof! But let’s not forget the many amazing boutique retailers who also have a thriving online presence. We encourage everyone to try shopping small when possible this season, and we have gathered some ideas to help you round out your list:

For something stylish: Check out the jewelry at Deana Rose or Susanne Siegel. For unique apparel, try Tres Mimi or Zainab Sumu.

For entertaining: Customizable leather barware is available from Clayton & Crume. If small-batch craft bourbon is your drink of choice, try Barrell Craft Spirits or another type of spirit from Journeyman Distillery.

For something tasty: Milwaukee has evolved beyond being known as the home of familiar American beers such as Miller and Schlitz into also being the source of some great coffees such as Stone Creek Coffee, which offers some fun sampler boxes online. Another Midwest favorite that has increased its online retail presence is The Spice House, which offers every spice imaginable.

For a cause: Museum gift shops offer some great gift ideas of all kinds in their online stores. Check out two of our favorites, Art Institute of Chicago and the Museum of Fine Arts Boston. Or, you can always “adopt” an animal through the World Wildlife Fund, which sends a plush stuffed animal as part along with the adoption papers.

Happy shopping!

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