Beach Reads

Although mindless fiction is sometimes just what the doctor ordered in the summer, my favorite books this time of year are ones that inspire my curiosity, keep me entertained and make me think without making me feel emotionally drained. With a little help from our friends, we have compiled a short selection of fiction that we think are excellent choices for this summer. Happy reading!

  1. Such a Fun Age by Kiley Reid: Starting with a racially charged incident in an upscale Philly grocery store, I was hooked from the start of this novel revolving around a babysitter and the family that employs her. The story is told from multiple viewpoints and remains engaging throughout, tackling themes such as racism, privilege, motherhood and others while keeping a relatively light tone and incorporating humorous moments. All of the primary characters are flawed, except the adorable toddler, which makes the serious nature of the themes easier to digest.
  2. The Guest List by Lucy Foley: This steamy and suspenseful mystery, also told from rotating perspectives, involves a posh wedding party on a misty island with a who’s who of guests. What more could you want for a summer read?
  3. The Vanishing Half by Britt Bennet: The story of identical twin sisters who grew up together in a small town in the segregated South of the 1950s is interwoven with the 1990s lives of their children, who are facing the consequences of the very different decisions the twins made in pursuing their life’s journeys.
  4. The Midnight Library by Matt Haig: The idea of living your best life is explored in detail here in a way that kept me guessing and entertained throughout, when the main character is faced with the infinite possibilities about how to redo her life’s decisions and the opportunity to see how those choices play out.
  5. The Restoration of Celia Fairchild by Marie Bostwick: Celia is an advice columnist who has wisdom to impart for everyone but herself. After inheriting a house from an estranged aunt, Celia sees a chance to make changes in her life, but they unfold in unexpected and delightful ways.

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