Podcast #2: AmbitionšŸ“š

Have you ever wondered whatever happened to that overachieving kid from your freshman dorm? Or what about that sorority girl who could plan the biggest campus fundraiser of the year, while maintaining a 4.0 GPA and dating the hot frat guy? Well, Hana Schank and Elizabeth Wallace did, and they turned their quest for answers into the book: The Ambition Decisions: What Women Know About Work, Family, and the Path to Building a Life.

Hana and Elizabeth were much like Julia and I were in our early 40s, vacillating between feeling blessed for our full lives dominated by children we were grateful to have and feeling like we could barely keep our heads above water. We had our hands too full with managing households, jobs and every other demand that surfaces during mid-life. Hana and Elizabeth were so curious about how their peers were handling it all that they reconnected with dozens of their sorority sisters from Northwestern University to find the answers.

Both Hana and Elizabeth took time out from their busy schedules to discuss their findings with us on this second episode of our podcast. Listen and let us know what you think. Don’t forget to check out the book, and also Hana’s latest book Power to the Public: The Promise of Public Interest Technology.

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