Festival of Lights

There may be disagreement about how you spell it, but there’s no question that Hanukkah is here!

One of my all-time favorite Hanukkah memories from when I was a little kid was when I invited my Catholic friend Janet over to join my family in lighting candles, spinning dreidels and eating potato latkes. I’ll never forget the way Janet’s face lit up almost as brightly as the candles in the menorah as she learned the story of the Hanukkah miracle. Sharing our culture and traditions with friends is what Hanukkah is all about.

And there’s another Hanukkah first in 2022; NFL’s Sunday Night Football will feature a menorah lighting! The Washington Commanders host the New York Giants, and CTeen International, the teen network of international Jewish organization Chabad, helped put this in motion. The lighting could reach millions of viewers, not to mention the eighty-thousand plus packed into the stands in Washington DC.  Chabad said, “The prime-time game’s first public menorah lighting spreads Hanukkah’s light at a time when popular culture reels from antisemitism,”

On this first night, we at LOF would like to wish all of our Jewish friends a joyous 8 Crazy Nights!

Special thanks to our friend Zoe for the gorgeous original artwork on this post, which you don’t want to miss. To view the art, make sure you’re checking us out on Instagram or at languageoffriendship.com. More of Zoe’s originals will be featured in the next two holiday posts!

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