Happy Halloween!

Halloween has long been a favorite tradition for both kids and adults in the United States, but COVID times have given it additional significance as an excuse for some safe outdoor fun with friends. Today, we share some of our favorite Halloween happenings, new and old, and encourage you to share some of your favorite Halloween memories with us!

Visit: Explore a pumpkin patch, or check out neighborhood Halloween decorations. Check out these featured homes in the DC area for their Halloween decorations, courtesy of the Washingtonian. And festivals are back! To find a local pumpkin patch, corn maze, hayride and more, visit www.pumkinpatchesandmore.org.

Watch: Muppets Haunted Mansion on Disney+.  This movie combines the Muppets with another favorite Disney property, the Haunted Mansion, a Disney theme park experience. In the new movie, ‘the Great Gonzo’ receives his biggest challenge yet – to survive a night in the Haunted Mansion. He’s joined by my new favorite Muppet, Pepe the King Prawn. In true Muppets fashion, guest stars appear throughout the film. Check out the trailer here.

Skip: Trick or Treating at the White House. The Bidens will be in Europe for the G20 so the decades-long tradition of Halloween celebrations won’t be happening this year, according to news reports.

Beware: One thing to watch out for this Halloween, if you can believe it, is cannabis-laced candy getting into your kids’ treat bags.  This seems to be a real concern this year (as opposed to the ‘razors in candy’ scare in the 1970’s), according to Forbes.

Share: A favorite Halloween memory with friends on social media. One of my favorite Halloween nights ever was in Chicago in 2008, when I handed out candy to trick-or-treaters with my 7-week-old son napping in his car seat beside me. It was an unseasonably warm evening, so I sat outside on our front steps, sipping wine and admiring the costumes of the neighborhood kids while dad took our older son around the neighborhood for trick-or-treating.

Halloween 2008 (baby Will)
Halloween 2020 (Will still dressed up in orange!)
Julia’s Halloween 2020 Costume: COVID hair

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  1. My favorite Halloween tradition is my neighbor Terry’s Halloween party. Every year, she invites the neighborhood kids and families over for old fashioned games like bobbing for apples and eating powdered donuts off a string. The kids show up in their Halloween costumes and we eat pizza and her father’s delicious pumpkin soup. I followed the recipe and tried to make the soup once myself, but it didn’t come out nearly as good, and besides, it’s far more enjoyable to have it with neighbors on a beautiful fall evening at Terry’s!


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