Creating New Beginnings

As F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote in The Great Gatsby: “Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall.” The fall of 2021 promises to be a time of new beginnings for many, as record numbers of people are changing jobs in 2021 and many others may still be figuring out how to move forward in this ‘new normal.’

Whether you are considering changing jobs, moving to a new town, or expanding your interests or your circle friends, we’d like to share a few books we think are inspired reads when mulling a major life transition, or even a small change.

Transitions, Making Sense of Life’s Changes by William Bridges (2004) is a helpful guide in navigating major life changes. For anyone struggling to find their place in a new job, town or friendship, this book illustrates that transitioning is a process, marked by an ending of what was, shifting into the neutral zone where growth is happening, and finally settling into a new beginning.

Keep Moving: Notes on Loss, Creativity and Change by Maggie Smith (2020) Written as a meditative guide for what comes next after a period of loss or transition, Smith’s upbeat messages of how to carry on is a lovely expression of hope. Each page offers a light and easy-to-digest, yet deeply thoughtful, sentiment that can be enjoyed simply by itself.

Originals, How Non-conformists Move the World by Adam Grant (2016) is an inspiring read for those looking to embrace change with new ideas or perspectives. Marketed as a business book, Adam Grant’s writing is applicable to many aspects of life as his PhD in Organizational Psychology can be broadly applied to organizational structures like families and friendships. This book shares many interesting stories of how bold ideas came to fruition, and debunks many myths about what it takes to be a ‘creative thinker.’ 

Nine Perfect Strangers by Liane Moriarty (2018) is an eerily humorous and thoroughly entertaining work of fiction about nine individuals chosen to participate in a luxurious and transformative spa vacation. They arrive at the gorgeous location, settle in and eventually find themselves lulled into a psychedelic experience orchestrated by a mysterious wellness guru named Masha. If you’d prefer to watch the story unfold on screen, Hulu is airing its version of the book as a eight-part miniseries featuring Nicole Kidman as the ethereal Masha.

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